Chief Leeuw

Chief Leeuw

Miss South Africa Plus World Executive Director


South Africa just made history for having the first representatives in Miss Plus World and Ms Plus Intercontinental pageants 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


With the current climate of the nation, it is critical that we build communication and engage in open dialogue with women from across the nations.


Under the leadership of Mr Chief Leeuw South Africa is the first country to sign up with Miss Plus World.


He also directing the following National and Local pageants:


  • Miss Teen Plus Size is Me – South Africa
  • Miss Varsity Plus Size is Me – South Africa
  • Miss Africa Plus Size
  • Miss Africa Day
  • Miss Mangaung Metro
  • Mrs Mangaung Metro


He is also directing, Dialogue with women from across the world.


Miss SA Plus World grand finale for 2021 will be held on the 7th August at Bloemfontein Civic Theatre and we will be celebrating women’s month on the 6th August during our second Gala Dinner with our delegates including Little Ambassadors hosted by Second Annual Her Worth Seminar of Dipolelo Hou (Reigning Ms Plus Intercontinental Humanitarian 2021).


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