Hair and Makeup Information

The Pageant will provide a staff of Stylists and Makeup Artists for your use while at the Pageant. Dorra Stephens is the Official Coordinator and will provide a team of professional stylists and makeup artists and will perform services located in the Official Hair and Makeup Room. Appointments can be made before the Pageant and paid in advance through Pay-pal, CashApp, or directly to her.

If you would like to bring your hairstylist or makeup artist you should submit the Hair & Makeup Registration/Declaration Form along with the $50.00 fee. This fee applies to each stylist or artist. The fee is non-refundable.

This allows your stylist or makeup artist the use of space for the pageant in the Official Hair and Make-Up Room, a table for set-up and use of the electricity.

Note to Hair Stylists / Makeup Artists

An unlimited entry pass to the public events and the final competition may be purchased for $30.00 by each registered stylist/or artist. If your entry pass/ticket is lost or misplaced, a replacement must be purchased, no exceptions. Tickets will be available at the Ticket Table prior to each event. Stylist or make-up artists will be not allowed free entry. Fee is non- refundable.

Hair stylist or makeup artists will be allowed access to the Official Hair and Makeup Room only after they have registered and paid the fee. Hair and makeup should be done in the official room only. Artists will not be allowed in the dressing room or behind the stage. They will not be allowed to do applications, touchups or styling in the dressing room or outside of the dressing room door, as delegates will not be allowed to step into the hallway to receive services.

Delegates doing their own hair and makeup should do so prior to reporting to the dressing room. You are to always have full makeup, your hair should be styled and you should have on the first outfit you will wear in the pageant when reporting to the dressing rom. You may do minor touch-ups in the dressing room.

Hair & Makeup Registration / Declaration Form

Each delegate must complete and submit a Hair and Makeup Registration/Declaration Form indicating their selection for the arrangements for hair and makeup.

Complete this form if you are bringing your own stylist / artist.

Complete this form if you are requesting the MPW Official Team or are doing your hair and makeup yourself.

Please feel free to contact Dorra if you or your stylist or makeup artist have questions about logistics or pricing. All forms and payments should be submitted to the following:

Dorra Stephens, Make-Up Affects
Coordinator for Hair and Makeup

2207 Sunset Drive
Balch Springs, Texas 75180

Phone: (972) 333-5956